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  • Abbie Jones

How To Tell When to Get Your Car Locks Changed?

car door lock and key

If you are experiencing issues with your car door lock or your car keys, then it's likely that you may need to call an Auto Locksmith to help solve the issue. In this Keytek® Auto Locksmith blog, we will be going through the different ways for you to tell if your car locks need changing, the process of a car lock getting changed, and what getting your car rekeyed means.

How To Tell When to Get Your Locks Changed?

These are Keytek® Auto's list of things to look out for to help you figure out if your car locks need to be changed.

Broken Car Lock

The most straightforward and obvious sign that your car door locks need changing is by being able to see that your car door lock is broken or damaged.

Why Has My Car Lock Broken?

A car lock can become damaged and broken in situations where there has been an accident involving the car, or if the car has been targeted by thieves before and they have made the locking mechanism stiff whilst failing entry to the vehicle. Weather and dirt can also be a leading factor in the damage caused by a car door lock, because if water manages to get into the car lock and it freezes over, this prevents the parts in the lock from operating smoothly or can block the keyway meaning the key can't be inserted.

Ignition System Failure

If your ignition system is failing, this can mean you need your car lock changed. Signs of ignition system failure include your car not being able to start up, your car key won't turn in the ignition, your car keeps stalling, or your dashboard lights are repeatedly flashing.

Why Has My Ignition System Stopped Working?

An ignition system can fail due to a faulty ignition coil or a failing spark plug, which are vital components of keeping your ignition system running efficiently.

Broken Car Key

If your car key is broken or damaged, there is a chance that the car key can snap off or break inside of the car door lock. If this occurs, then you won't be able to use your vehicle until the broken car key has been removed. If you notice that your car keys have become weak and brittle before they get the chance to snap off inside the car door lock, then it is better to have your car keys replaced to avoid not being able to use your vehicle whilst the locks are being changed.

Why Has My Car Key Broken?

Your car key could have broken or become damaged over time due to the key fob being damaged, by dropping it or exposing it to water, or extreme temperatures. As well as this, if you are frequently using your car and therefore your car keys, this can cause them to become weak and brittle due to how often they are being used.

If your car key has broken, then it is important to not try and fix it yourself, as you run the risk of making the damage worse and potentially unfixable. This is why car key repair or car key replacements should be left to a professional Auto Locksmith.

Changing Car Locks

When changing a car door lock, an Auto Locksmith will remove the old locking door hardware and will replace it with new hardware. They will also be able to change the ignition lock if needed.

The Difference Between Rekeying and Changing Car Locks

When a car lock is being rekeyed, it means that an Auto Locksmith needs to alter the car lock's internal components. This means that components such as the disks, sliders, and wafers will be repositioned to be compatible with a new key. Having a car lock rekeyed means that there doesn't need to be a complete replacement of the locks in the car, and it makes any old keys useless to the car locks after being rekeyed. An Auto Locksmith is also able to rekey your car door locks without needing the original car key, meaning that if it's been lost or stolen, you can still have your locks rekeyed.


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