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  • Abbie Jones

Tips To Prepare Your Car for Winter

car driving on icy road in winter

According to current long-range, winter 2023-2024 in the UK will be generally drier in comparison to other recent winters. This means that there will likely be an increase in the risk of more snowfall in the UK. Although the snow and winter weather can be exciting and fun especially around the Christmas season, unfortunately the cold can be very damaging to a car. In this blog, we will be sharing some Keytek® Auto Locksmith tips on how to prepare your car for the winter.

How Does Winter Affect Your Car

The colder months can be quite damaging to a car in the way that extremely cold temperatures affect the chemical process inside of the car's battery, which reduces the battery's ability to charge. Cold weather can also cause the oil in the engine to thicken, which forces the starter motor to work harder.

Car Maintenance Tips for Winter

Look After Your Tyres

In recent studies, there are 36% more flat tyres in the winter than in the warmer months. Because of this, it is important that your tyre pressure is being checked during the cold seasons, making sure that they aren't inflated as this impacts the driving performance. You should also use a higher gear to start when possible, helping you to avoid spinning your wheels in any snow or flooded water when pulling away.

Test The Car Battery

In the cold, winter months, the risk of battery failure of a car is the number one cause of vehicle breakdowns. To figure out easily if your car battery is starting to have problems before it cause the vehicle to breakdown, pay attention to the engine and if it's turning slower than normal when it's started up. If you start to notice signs of your car battery failing and it's causing your car problems especially in the winter months, then you should aim to get the battery tested.

Oil Levels

In colder temperatures, the oil levels become viscous, and this means that the oil travel through the engine becomes slower, meaning that the engine needs to work harder, and therefore the cars' battery is now strained. During winter months, to try and prevent this from happening quicker, it is best to check your oil level, making sure that it is between the minimum and maximum on your car's dipstick.

Check Brakes

If your brakes are making noise during extreme temperatures, they need to be checked, as they can potentially freeze, and either prevent you from driving, or causing there to be serious issues whilst driving.

Prevent a Car Lock Out in Winter

Whilst getting locked out of the car is a very common situation to be in, it is more detrimental to your wellbeing during the colder months. If you are away from home and are not able to enter your vehicle in the freezing cold, you are not only going to be frustrated, but shivering in minus degree temperatures as well. So, we've put together a guide to help you do what you can to prevent a car lock out in the winter months.

Spare Car Key

Having a spare car key for when you accidentally lock your car keys inside of the car takes away the stress and panic of the situation as you know that you can easily gain entry to the vehicle again. A car lock out is one of the most aggravating situations for a driver to be in, especially if this were to happen in the colder months. Whilst not all car lock outs come from leaving the keys inside of the vehicle, if this is the case for you, then it is important to already have a spare car key on you just in case.

At Keytek® Auto, we can provide you with a spare car key as we are equipped with the most up to date equipment and knowledge that is suited to your individual vehicle's requirements. To read more about why it is important to have a spare car key, check out our blog on all the reasons why!

Replace Damaged Keys and Batteries

If your car key is broken or damaged, or the batteries in your key fob are starting to get low, then they need to be replaced straight away, as this can cause you to be in a car lock out situation. An Auto Locksmith will easily be able to replace or repair your damaged car key, as well as being able to replace the batteries in your key fob that have been running low.


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