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  • Abbie Jones

What Causes a Car Key Fob to Stop Working?

car key fob on wooden table

There are many reasons why a fob car key might stop working. Below are the top reasons why your car key fob might have stopped working.

Dead Fob Car Key Battery

A common problem that car key fob's have is that the batteries have died. You can always try changing the batteries to new ones and see if this fixes your issue. Although there is information online that can show you how to do this, there are risks to changing the batteries and tampering with your car key fob by yourself.

To reduce the risk of damaging your car key, we recommend calling a professional Auto Locksmith to help fix any car key issues that you're having.

Car Key Fob Needs Reprogramming

Your car can become disconnected from your car keys and are no longer paired so your car key fob won't lock or unlock your vehicle as normal. This could just be because the batteries are running low, you've changed the batteries, or just because they've lost their pairing.

You should be able to fix this by following your car manual to reset your car fob. However, if this doesn't fix it, it may need a manual reprogramming which an Auto Locksmith will be able to help you with.

Damaged Car Key Fob

Your car key fob may have been damaged for several reasons. This can include being dropped or any blunt damage, water damage, electrical shock or the circuit board might have gotten scratched. If your car key fob has suddenly stopped working after taking a trip in the sea or being trodden, then it's best to suspect that it's been damaged.

If this is the case, then it's likely that you'll need a replacement car key, as it might take more time, effort, and money to fix the old one, than simply replacing it.

How Do You Fix a Broken Car Key Fob?

Depending on the issues you're having, you can try to fix your broken car key fob by changing the batteries or resetting it with your car. If you've tried these options and it's still not working, it can be difficult to diagnose the issue without the help of an expert.

We would recommend speaking to a specialist Auto Locksmith. They should be able to easily diagnose the issue and offer a solution to you, so you can get your car key fob up and running again.

Can an Auto Locksmith Fix a Car Key Fob?

If you find the right Auto Locksmith, then yes! You'll need to find a specialist Auto Locksmith to help fix your fob car key.

Auto Locksmiths have the additional training and equipment needed to work on vehicles, so a good Auto Locksmith should be able to either repair your car fob key or replace it depending on the issue of the car key fob.

If you need to call an Auto Locksmith, call Keytek® Auto Locksmiths today on 01202 830625.


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