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  • Abbie Jones

How to Fix a Snapped Car Key?

man putting car key in the car door lock

As a car owner, your car key snapping can be one of the most frustrating situations to be in, especially if you are heading out and need to use your car. Car keys can snap as they are used frequently and this can make them fragile over time, or if there was too much force on the car key when being turned in the door lock. Luckily, Keytek® Auto Locksmiths have the answers on what to do when your car key has snapped and how to fix it!

What To Do When My Car Key Has Snapped?

Car keys snapping unfortunately is a very common issue that car owners have to deal with. A car key can eventually show signs of wear and tear over time due to how much it is used, which can cause the sharp edges of the key to become more rounded, meaning that there is difficulty when turning in the lock that could cause it to snap. If this unfortunate situation has happened to you, then you need your car key repaired or replaced, which an Auto Locksmith can easily help with.

Call an Auto Locksmith

If you are in a situation where your car key has snapped or snapped in the car door lock, then the best thing to do if call a local Auto Locksmith. Although it is a frustrating situation to be in, it's best to refrain from trying to fix the key yourself, as this can cause more problems. Trying to fix the snapped car key yourself can make the key worse to a point where an Auto Locksmith will have to replace the key entirely instead of just repairing it, ultimately costing you more money.

If your key has snapped or is damaged, Keytek® Auto Locksmiths offers mobile car key repairs, so if you are out when your car key snaps, don't worry. Our highly trained Poole Auto Locksmiths will attempt broken car key repair where possible, and if needed, our Locksmiths can also cut and program a new key. They will reprogram the fob if the transponder has stopped working to ensure that the vehicle and the key for the vehicle are paired.

What To Do If My Key is Stuck in the Ignition?

If your car key is stuck and won't turn in the ignition, all you need to do if turn the steering wheel in opposite direction, which should release the lock, allowing you to remove the key.

If this doesn't work, then our Auto Locksmiths at Keytek® Auto in Dorset will identify and fix what is preventing your car key from coming out of the ignition.

Can You Glue a Broken Car Key Back Together?

Although it may seem like a good solution in a stressful moment, attempting to glue your car key back together will damage the snapped car key even more. It will be a temporary fix and may even work a few times, but eventually it will break again and you will need to get it replaced. It's best to just get in contact with an Auto Locksmith as soon as your car key breaks.

Does Insurance Cover Broken Car Key?

Not all insurance providers include key cover as standard with their comprehensive car insurance, but some will. If your insurance provider doesn't cover this already, then you can usually get car key cover added to your policy as an optional extra. If you are offered this, then it is worth having if you are unable to cover the cost to replace or repair your damaged car keys.


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