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  • Kim Freeman

What To Do If I've Broken My Car Key?

Nobody wants to be in the situation where their car key is broken, but accidents happen and its good to know what to do if it happens to you. First things first, don’t panic, it might seem like you are in the worst position possible, but these things can be rectified.

Broken car key

Work Out What Exactly Has Happened

Whether you’ve gone to unlock your car and found your car key won’t work, you’ve dropped it, or it’s gone in the washing machine. It’s important to know as much information as possible to tell whoever is going to fix it, whether it be an auto locksmith, dealership, or breakdown service. What happened to your key can determine what process is used to fix it.

Check Your Insurance Documentation

If you are able its worth checking your car insurance policy to see if they cover the cost of fixing or replacing a broken car key. Same with any breakdown cover you have, the AA and RAC both have a car key protection add on. So, it’s worth checking if you are covered, save paying out to get it fixed.

DO NOT Try and Fix It Yourself

It might be tempting to take your key apart and try work out the issue and fix it yourself. However, you run the risk that you make the damage worse or unfixable. Its best to leave it to a trained professional.

Call an Auto Locksmith

Auto Locksmith in a car

Like we said previously, the best thing to do is call a professional. You could try your insurance or breakdown cover provider, but normally the cheapest and quickest way to fix your broken car key is an auto locksmith. An auto locksmith, should be able to fix the majority of broken car keys, including remote and non-remote transponder keys.

You’ll need to know the following information before calling the auto locksmith;

· Make and model of your car

· Your car’s registration number

· Your address and postcode, so that the auto locksmith

can come to you.


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