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Roof Racks and Tow Bars

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Roof Box Security

Did you know roof boxes are one of the top 5 most stolen items from a car in the UK? The list also includes number plates, catalytic converters, bicycle racks and electronics. In 2022 it was reported that a mammoth £61,000,000 worth of possessions were stolen from cars alone.

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Roof Rack and Roof Box Security

Roof rack and box security is something you might not have thought of when getting ready for your trip, but it could just save you some stress and money down the road. Most racks and boxes are designed with a simple, minimal security but this is usually very easy for a burglar to break into, usually gaining entry or removing the whole box completely within a matter of minutes. Ensuring your roof rack is secure is simple to do and something you can usually do yourself. Take a look at our top 5 options below:

Roof Rack and Box Lock

If you’re on the lookout for a new roof rack or roof box, consider one that already has a high-security lock built-in but remember to check the compatibility with your car. You can also buy separate locks that are a simple to install if you or someone you know is into DIY and can deter a burglar from simply removing your roof racks/box to get to your more expensive items of which can happen quickly and easily.

Strong Cable

You can use a strong cable to connect your roof rack and rack bars together; the cable should be strong enough so that a burglar cannot cut through it easily with a pair of bolt cutters.

Alarm Lock

Another preventative is to install a lock alarm onto your rack or box, not only are these a deterrent to potential burglars but the loud sound may scare them off if they do attempt to take your possessions.


A personalised roof rack or roof box is not only more identifiable to the police but it also harder for a burglar to sell on and may decrease its value. Engraving your rack or roof box with your initials and something such as “not for sale” is the least desirable as stickers can be cleaned off.

Take Them Off

Of course, as always when not in use don’t forget to remove your roof racks along with your roof box to prevent them being stolen. If a burglar often passes your car, they are likely to notice your roof racks (and box if not removed) and it will present them with ample time and opportunities to steal them.


Tow Bar Security

Much like roof racks and roof boxes, tow bars are also something that many UK drivers assume would be safe against theft but unfortunately, it is not the case. Often by removing the tow bar, it gives burglars more opportunities to steal your caravan, trailer, horse box etc., that may be attached. Here are our top 3 ways to prevent tow bar theft

Quality Trailer Lock

It is worth the investment in installing a quality trailer lock. They are designed to go over the tongue which prevents a hitch ball from being inserted and therefore being towed away. Trailer locks are operable with a key, so it is vital that you keep the key secure and out of the wrong hands. As with home insurance, if a burglar were to take possession of your property with a key it will most likely invalidate your insurance.

Hitch Lock

To increase the security of your trailer, use a hitch lock rather than a hitch pin. It works by firstly sliding the ball mount into place then line up the holes in the receiver tube and shank which will allow you to insert the hitch lock pin through. Finally, you will be able to put the cap, cylinder, or padlock over the top and secure with a key.

Remove Together

Once you have finished using your trailer, caravan etc. Remove both the ball mount and the lock and secure them both back together again. Removing them helps prevent theft and any potential damages to your property and securing them together will help prevent any small parts getting lost over time.

Keytek® Auto Locksmiths

Here at Keytek® we are also able to help you with any lock problems you may encounter on your roof racks, roof boxes or tow bars. We can come to you at your home or location or alternatively you can visit our friendly team at our headquarters for any lock problem you need addressing. Don’t forget we also offer car key services if you need a spare!

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