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How to Remove a Broken Key from a Car Door

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One of the most frustrating things that can happen to a car owner would be if their keys broke in their car door. The best thing that we can suggest doing if this situation happens to you would be to call an Auto Locksmith so that a professional can help without damaging your car door lock.

Why Has My Car Key Broken in the Lock?

There are a few reasons why your car key has broken in the car door lock. The most common issue is that the key has been damaged over time, due to the type of metals that most standard keys are made from, such as brass and nickel.

Another reason for a broken car key stuck in the door lock could be that there was too much pressure applied to the key when locking or unlocking the door, or that the car door lock has simply just been lubricated badly.

Warm or humid weather can also affect car door locks as in the heat car doors can become bent.

Can a Locksmith Remove a Snapped Key?

Yes, an Auto Locksmith can remove a snapped key from a lock! They have specialised tools and techniques that allow them to remove a broken key without damaging the lock or the keyway.

The method used will depend on the specific situation and the type of lock. In some cases, the Locksmith may use a broken key extractor tool, or in other cases, the Locksmith may need to dismantle the lock to access the broken key.

How to Remove a Broken Key from a Car Door

Needle Nose Pliers/Tweezers

Using a pair of needle nose pliers is one way to try and get a broken key out from a car door lock, especially if the key has broken outside of the lock and is sticking out. It is important to note though, that doing this could cause the key to jam further into the lock, meaning the fragment in the lock will become difficult to remove.

Applying a Lubricant

Before using a method to pull the car keys out of the lock (like using tweezers or a paperclip), it's best to use an oil-based lubricant on the inside of the keyhole to make it easier for the key to come out. An Auto Locksmith will normally use a dry lubricant for this if they need to reprogram a new car key after removing the broken one, but in a situation where you want to try to remove the broken car key yourself, then an oil-based lubricant is a good option as more people are most likely to have this in their home.


Although this is quite a rogue recommendation, it's been mentioned a few times online. Pushing the sticky putty into the key slot, allowing it to sit for a few minutes and then pulling it out could remove the key, however we strongly advice against this as it could cause more damage to the lock.

How to Prevent Breaking Your Car Key in the Car Door

Lock Maintenance

To try and avoid the stressful situation of having your car key break in the car door lock, there are ways to try and prevent a broken key or a broken lock. Lock maintenance is key although easy to forget to do, and the best precaution to take would be to make sure that you are using a silicone-based lubricant in the keyhole every six months, preventing the lock and key from tugging against the metal.


Although you wouldn't expect it, climate is a massive factor in causing car keys or car locks to break, because in cold climates the car locks can freeze over. Therefore, forcing a key into a frozen lock can do a lot of damage to your car key and car lock. The weather can't be helped, but it's always worth being cautious.

Replacement Car Keys

Replacement car keys are important for many reasons and should always be bought as a backup when buying a new car. To get a replacement car key for your car, call Keytek® Auto Locksmiths and we'll be happy to help!

If you have tried any of these methods to remove your broken car key from your car door lock and none of them have unfortunately worked, then the next step is to call an Auto Locksmith to help with the problem.

We at Keytek® Auto will be able to provide a reliable and efficient car key repair for you. Our dedicated team is here to help you regain access to your vehicle with minimal hassle and downtime. Trust us to provide you with a seamless and stress-free experience, getting you back on the road in no time.


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