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Cookie Policy

What is a Cookie?

When you visit our website, little text files are delivered to and saved on your computer, smart phone, or other internet-accessing device. Each cookie is specific to your browser. It will include some anonymous data, such as a unique identity, the site name, and certain digits and figures. Cookies are unique to the server that produced them and cannot be accessible by other servers, so they cannot be used to track your travels across the internet. Please keep in mind that cookies do not store passwords or credit card data.

Most websites will use cookies to improve your user experience by allowing the website to "remember" you for the duration of your visit (using a "session cookie') or for future visits (using a 'persistent cookie').


Most websites use cookies for a variety of purposes, including determining preferences, allowing users to browse between pages easily, verifying the user, and performing other vital security functions; these are all referred to as 'non-evasive' cookies.

Cookies make your interaction with the website faster and easier. If a website does not employ cookies, it will treat you as a new visitor every time you navigate to a new page. For example, if you enter your login information and then navigate to another page, it will not recognise you and will not be able to keep you locked in.

Cookies can be set by the website you are visiting ('first-party cookies') or by other websites that are running content on the page you are viewing ('third-party cookies').

We do not sell or share information acquired by cookies with third parties unless required by law (for example, with government authorities and law enforcement agencies).

You can find more information about cookies at

Different Forms of Cookies

Necessary Cookies

Cookies that are required allow you to navigate the website and access crucial services, such as secure sections. These cookies do not collect any information about you that may be used for marketing or remembering your internet activity. You cannot opt out of necessary cookies, so you should stop using this site or configure your browser to block cookies from this site (see 'Managing your cookies' below).

Nota bene: By using this site, you are assuming that you have accepted to accept essential cookies. If you use your browser to block necessary cookies, the site will not function properly.


Examples of such cookies are:

When you travel to multiple pages in a single web browser session that identify you as being logged in (assuming the site has a login section), the information you've submitted on forms is remembered.

Cookies will not collect information that might be used to market products or services to you or to target advertisements on other websites.

Performance Cookie

'Performance' cookies collect information on how you use our website, such as which pages you visit and whether you encounter any difficulties. These cookies do not collect any information that can be used to identify you; all information collected is anonymous and is only used to help us improve our website and services to you, determine what interests our users, and measure the effectiveness of our advertising.


Nb: Performance cookies can be blocked.


‘Performance’ cookies will NOT be used to:

  • Gather information that could be used to advertise products or services to you on other websites.

  • Target ads at you on any other website.


These cookies are used to gather information about how visitors interact with our website. We use the data to generate reports and to help us improve the site. The cookies collect anonymous information such as the number of visitors to the site, where visitors came from, and which pages they visited. Click here for an overview of Google's privacy policies.

Managing Your Cookies

Most browsers on PCs, smartphones, and other web-enabled devices are set to accept cookies. You can change your cookie preferences for this website or any other website by going to your browser settings. The 'help' function in your browser will teach you how to prevent your browser from accepting new cookies, how to have the browser inform you when a new cookie is received, and how to disable cookies entirely. Similar data used by browser add-ons, such as Flash cookies, can also be disabled or deleted by adjusting the add-on's settings or visiting the manufacturer's website.

Cookies are frequently used on our website to enable and improve certain functions. If you disable some cookies, it is possible that our website will not function properly.

We have provided the following websites for further information on cookies:

Information About Cookies

Comprehensive information on how to block or erase cookies on a wide variety of desktop browsers:

Useful information about cookies can be found at:

Internet Advertising Bureau

A guide to behavioural advertising and online privacy has been produced by the internet advertising industry and can be found at:

International Chamber of Commerce United Kingdom

Information on the ICC (UK) UK cookie guide can be found on the ICC website section:

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