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How to Get a New Set of Car Keys

set of new car keys

If you have lost your car keys, or just simply want a spare set of keys, then it's important to know where the right place to get a new set is. In this Keytek® Auto Locksmith blog, we will go through the ways that you can get hold of a new set of car keys.

Getting a New Set of Car Keys

Call an Auto Locksmith

The most reliable and usually cheapest way to acquire a new set of car keys is by calling an Auto Locksmith services. Our engineers here at Keytek® Auto Locksmiths are specially trained to replace all types of car keys for various makes and models, being ready to offer you a fast and reliable solution, ready to provide you with a new key fob, transponder key, or a traditional car key replacement!

If you are happy with your current set of car keys and they don't need replacing and you just need a spare set of keys, then our Auto Locksmith has the knowledge and equipment to supply you with high-quality spare car keys that are suited to your individual vehicle requirements.

Vehicle Dealership

Whist we wouldn't recommend this as your first option due to it potentially being a long and expensive process, your car dealership may be able to provide you with a new set of car keys. When arranging this with them, you need to give them as much detail as possible, as they may not have all the specialist equipment that an Auto Locksmith has, so you will need to check this to save yourself money if they come to you and cannot actually supply a new set of keys.

Car Insurance Provider

Contacting your car insurance provider for a new set of keys could also be an expensive option. Not all insurance providers cover car keys, and this may have to be added to your car insurance policy as an optional extra at an additional fee.

However, a lot of companies will use the services of an Auto Locksmith to get a new set of car keys sorted, so you may as well contact an Auto Locksmith straight away!

To read a bit more about car insurance and how it affects you, read our blog on Does My Car Insurance Cover a Locksmith?

How Do You Know If You Need a New Car Key?

Apart from needing a new set of car keys if you have lost the original or are just wanting a spare car key, there are other reasons why you would need to get a new set of car keys.

1. Car Keys Damaged

Although this seems fairly obvious, it's still worth mentioning! If your car key has broken, for example car key has snapped either by itself or in the car door lock, then you will definitely need a new set of car keys!

2. Car Lock Damaged!

If your car door lock is damaged, there are actually a few reasons on how this has happened. Read our blog on Why Is My Car Lock Not Working for more information about what has happened to the lock!

Having a damaged car door lock means that the locks need to be changed completely, therefore meaning that your car keys need to be changed as well, causing you to need a new set of car keys.


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