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If you've ever found yourself locked out of your car, lost your car keys, or had your car key break off in the lock, you know how frustrating and inconvenient it can be.


That's where we come in – Keytek® Auto specialise in helping you get back on the road with our comprehensive car key services. Whether you need a new car key cut, an existing car key reprogrammed, a broken car key extracted, or a car key replaced, we have the expertise and tools to handle it all. And with our ability to work with the majority of make and models of cars, you can trust that we'll be able to help find you a solution. So, sit back, relax, and let us take care of your car key needs!

To find out more about the car key services we can offer for your car, get in touch with us!

At Keytek® Auto, we provide repair, replacement, reprogramming, and cutting services for the majority of make and models of cars. Here are some of the brands we specialize in:

Audi Edit.png


Audi Car Key Battery

Audi Car Key Replacement

Audi Car Key Repair

Audi Car Key Reprogramming



BMW Car Key Battery

BMW Car Key Replacement

BMW Car Key Repair

BMW Car Key Reprogramming



Citroen Car Key Battery

Citroen Car Key Replacement

Citroen Car Key Repair

Citroen Car Key Reprogramming



Fiat Car Key Battery

Fiat Car Key Replacement

Fiat Car Key Repair

Fiat Car Key Reprogramming



Ford Car Key Battery

Ford Car Key Replacement

Ford Car Key Repair

Ford Car Key Reprogramming



Honda Car Key Battery

Honda Car Key Replacement

Honda Car Key Repair

Honda Car Key Reprogramming



Hyundai Car Key Battery

Hyundai Car Key Replacement

Hyundai Car Key Repair

Hyundai Car Key Reprogramming



Jaguar Car Key Battery

Jaguar Car Key Replacement

Jaguar Car Key Repair

Jaguar Car Key Reprogramming



Kia Car Key Battery

Kia Car Key Replacement

Kia Car Key Repair

Kia Car Key Reprogramming


Land Rover

Land Rover Car Key Battery

Land Rover Car Key Replacement

Land Rover Car Key Repair

Land Rover Car Key Reprogramming



Mazda Car Key Battery

Mazda Car Key Replacement

Mazda Car Key Repair

Mazda Car Key Reprogramming


Mercedes Benz

Mercedes Benz Car Key Battery

Mercedes Benz Car Key Replacement

Mercedes Benz Car Key Repair

Mercedes Benz Car Key Reprogramming



Mini Car Key Battery

Mini Car Key Replacement

Mini Car Key Repair

Mini Car Key Reprogramming



Nissan Car Key Battery

Nissan Car Key Replacement

Nissan Car Key Repair

Nissan Car Key Reprogramming



Peugeot Car Key Battery

Peugeot Car Key Replacement

Peugeot Car Key Repair

Peugeot Car Key Reprogramming



Renault Car Key Battery

Renault Car Key Replacement

Renault Car Key Repair

Renault Car Key Reprogramming



Skoda Car Key Battery

Skoda Car Key Replacement

Skoda Car Key Repair

Skoda Car Key Reprogramming



Toyota Car Key Battery

Toyota Car Key Replacement

Toyota Car Key Repair

Toyota Car Key Reprogramming



Volkswagen Car Key Battery

Volkswagen Car Key Replacement

Volkswagen Car Key Repair

Volkswagen Car Key Reprogramming



Volvo Car Key Battery

Volvo Car Key Replacement

Volvo Car Key Repair

Volvo Car Key Reprogramming

Contact Keytek Auto Locksmiths

If you’ve come this far and you’ve not found what you’re looking for, why not give us a call to get more information? Or if you’d rather us call you, fill out our form and we’ll give you a call back as soon as possible.

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