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  • Abbie Jones

Does My Car Insurance Cover a Locksmith?

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Do you need a car key replaced due to losing or breaking it? But you aren't sure if your car insurance provider will cover an Auto Locksmith? This Keytek® Auto Locksmiths blog should hopefully guide you in the right direction.

The Difference Types of Car Insurance

1. Third-Party Liability

Third-party liability coverage is the minimum legal requirement in the UK. It covers damage to a persons car, as well as injury to other people in the event of an accident involving a car.

2. Comprehensive Coverage

This type of car insurance offers a wider range of protection than other car insurance's. including coverage for vehicle theft, vandalism, and damage.

3. Optional Extras

A lot of car insurance providers will propose the offer of optional extras added to your car insurance coverage. An example of an optional extra is Auto Locksmith cover.

Does My Car Insurance Cover an Auto Locksmith?

Whilst coverage for Auto Locksmith services are not usually included in a car insurance policy, some insurance providers will offer optional extras where this could be available to you for an additional insurance fee. Insurance providers that do offer optional extra services that cover an Auto Locksmith may include:

Locked Out of Car

If you are locked out of your car through no fault of your own, then your car insurance provider may already offer coverage for this, but if not, you may be able to add this on as an optional extra at an additional fee. This would cover the loss of your car keys and/or if your car keys have been stolen.

However, if you are locked out due to fault of your own, such as leaving your car keys inside the car when it locks, then there is a chance that insurance providers may not cover this altogether, even with the optional extra coverage.

Car Key Replacement

The optional extra coverage for car key replacement would typically cover the loss of your car keys, if they have been damaged or have snapped, or if they have been stolen. In this scenario, your car insurance usually would be able to cover the service of an Auto Locksmith, who would need to replace the stolen, lost, or broken car keys. Additionally, it is always important to own a spare car key, just in case your car insurance policy won't provide cover for your car key replacement!

Read our blog to find out the 5 different reasons on why it's important to own a spare car key!


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