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How Much Does a Replacement Car Key Cost UK?

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Losing or damaging your car keys can be a stressful experience, especially when it comes to the cost of getting a car key replacement. In the UK, the expense of a car key replacement varies depending on several factors. In this blog post, we will explore the average cost of car key replacement and key factors that influence the price of replacement car keys.

How Much Does a Replacement Car Key Cost?

To replace a car key, you can expect to pay £150 upwards, but this really depends on the car key type, make and model of your car, and the year.

We know an unexpected replacement car key is an unwanted expense. Which is why here at Keytek® Auto Locksmiths we are committed to ensuring our customers receive the best possible service at affordable prices, which is why Keytek® offer price match guarantee! *

What Affects the Cost of Replacing of a Car Key?

Several key factors determine car key replacement cost in the UK. The make and model of your vehicle play a significant role, as more sophisticated and newer cars tend to have higher replacement costs due to advanced key technology.

Additionally, the type of key required (standard key, transponder key, or keyless entry remote) affects the price.

Another factor is whether you choose to replace the key through a dealership or a specialised Auto Locksmith, as their pricing structures may differ.

Car Key Replacement: Auto Locksmiths vs Dealerships

When it come to car key replacement near me services, you have two options: either calling an Auto Locksmith or your car dealership. There are a few differences with getting replacement car key through an Auto Locksmith compared to your car dealership, including service times and the differing price of how much to replace car keys. If you aren't sure which option to go with when getting a car key replacement, read our blog on The Benefits of Hiring a Professional Auto Locksmith Over a Dealership.

Average Costs of Replacement Car Keys

Lost car key replacement cost UK can range dramatically depending on the type of key and car. Standard keys, which do not have any electronic components, results in a generally lower price. Transponder keys, which have an electronic chip that communicates with the car's immobilizer, are more expensive, which mostly start at a much higher cost.

Keyless entry remote keys, which are often found in modern vehicles, can be the most expensive to replace. These keys incorporate advanced technology and remote-control functions, leading to the highest car key replacement costs.

If your car requires key programming or reprogramming of the key, there may be additional charges so should expect to pay a little more.

Why Are Car Keys So Expensive to Replace?

Advanced Technology and Security Features

Modern car keys often incorporate advanced technology and security features, such as transponder chips and keyless entry systems. These components require specialised manufacturing processes and intricate programming making losing a car, whether it's lost or stolen, an expensive process.

Vehicle-Specific Programming

Many car keys require programming or synchronisation to work with a particular vehicle. This process ensures secure access and ignition, but it requires specialised equipment and expertise. Car key programming in the UK can vary depending on make and model of your car. For a more detailed price, give us a call.

Is It Worth Having a Spare Car Key?

Yes, having a spare car key is extremely beneficial. A spare car key can come in handy in a variety of scenarios. If you lose or misplace your main key, having a spare might save you the trouble and expense of replacing it. It serves as a backup and ensures that you can still enter and operate your vehicle.

Furthermore, having a spare key can be useful in an emergency or if you need to share your vehicle with a family or friend. Our team view it as little investment that can provide long-term peace of mind and ease.

If you are afraid that your car key has been stolen, it is important to secure your car as soon as possible. Having a spare car key at home can be a lifesaver in this situation. You can call someone to retrieve and bring the key to you so you can move your vehicle to a secure location.

For more information on why it is worth having a spare car key, read our blog on The 5 Reasons You Need a Spare Car Key, which will hopefully be able to sway your decision!

Call Keytek® Auto Locksmiths

Keytek® Auto Locksmiths provides car key replacement services throughout Dorset. We can provide a variety of Auto Locksmith services to consumers in Bournemouth, Poole, and Christchurch.

We guarantee that all drivers will receive exceptional roadside Auto Locksmith services from us. If you require a new car key, please call us at 01202 830625. We can help you get back on the road as soon as possible!


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