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What Will Help You To Keep Your Car Secure

Do you want to keep your car secure? Maybe you park on the road, or just want to ensure your car stays safe. Whatever your reason is for wanting to vamp up your car security, keep reading this Keytek® Auto Locksmiths blog to find out what will help you keep your car secure.

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What Will Help You to Keep Your Car Secure

Investing in a car alarm, a tracking system or steering wheel locks will all help you to keep your car secure. Any anti-theft devices that will help to deter burglars away from your vehicle will always be helpful.

Install Anti-Theft Devices to Your Vehicle

What are anti-theft devices in a car? Well, these are various gadgets that will help you to keep your car secure against thieves. They use various methods to increase the security of your car, making it either harder to break into or will create more noise if they succeed.

Steering Wheel Locks

Installing a steering wheel lock in your car acts not only as a physical deterrent against car theft, but also acts as a visual deterrent. A steering wheel lock works by locking the steering wheel into place with a metal rod, which means that it is impossible to bend the steering wheel without removing the lock, acting as a good deterrent against car thieves. It is also a good visual deterrent because if a burglar sees that your vehicle has a steering wheel lock, they will most likely leave your car alone, as they know that trying to remove it will be a lengthy and challenging process that will attract attention to them by passers-by.

To find out what steering wheel locks we recommend for your car, read our Steering Lock blog.

High Security Car Alarm

Installing a smart car alarm in your vehicle is a good investment to make as they act as physical deterrent if someone is trying to break into your car, as the alarm will go off and attention will be brought to the burglar. A smart car alarm can be linked to your mobile phone, meaning that if your car alarm is going off, a notification will be sent to your phone to alert you.

Faraday Bag

If you have a car with a keyless entry system, then buying a faraday pouch is definitely something worth looking into. A faraday bag protects against relay theft, which you can learn more about in our How to Prevent Relay Theft blog. They act as a signal blocker, designed to shield electronic devices from transmitting or receiving signals when your car keys are in the bag, meaning that your key fob is safe from being hacked and relay theft cannot happen to your vehicle.

Park Your Vehicle in a Well-Lit Area

Parking your vehicle in a safe place we will help you keep your car secure. We recommend parking in areas where there is good lighting or more security, such as where there are CCTV cameras or barriers. At night-time we’d recommend parking on a driveway, or in a safe garage or car park.

Keeping your vehicle in a safer location, such as a spot that’s more visible and more likely to attract attention, will help keep your car secure. Burglars that are looking for an opportunity as they are less likely to target yours and are more likely to go for another car in an easier, more secluded spot.

Hide Any Valuables and Ensure Your Car is Locked

It’s always worth double checking your vehicle is locked as you’re walking away. If you accidentally leave it unlocked and somebody breaks in, your insurance may be invalid. If you’re vehicle’s been broken into and you had accidentally left your door unlocked, it’s worth checking your insurance policy to find out.

It’s also important to remember to hide any valuables, whether you take them with you or hide them under items or in the boot of the vehicle. If there’s nothing to be seen of value, intruders are much less likely to break in to try and take anything.


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