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  • Abbie Jones

Keyless Entry Systems: Advantages and Vulnerabilities

Thinking of purchasing a vehicle that has a keyless entry system? Read this Keytek® Auto Locksmiths blog to find out about the pros and cons of having a car with a keyless entry system.

What is a Keyless Entry System?

Keyless entry is a system that allows a driver to lock and unlock their car without a key. How this works is that the car will automatically sense when the fob is nearby and unlocks the door for you without you having to do it manually. They do this by using radio signals that are emitted from the car and the key fob that searches for those signals. As well as this, the car will lock its doors once the engine has been turned off and the doors are closed.

Advantages of Keyless Entry Systems


One of the main reasons for keyless entry systems being created is that it is more convenient for car owners as it saves time locking and unlocking the vehicle, which is great especially if you are in a rush and you can just jump straight into the car!


Keyless entry systems provide a different kind of security compared to regular keys, as they are much harder to duplicate unlike regular car keys. This is because each user has a unique credential, making it harder for anyone that isn't the authorised fob holder to gain access to the car.

Prevents Lock Outs

Another great advantage of a keyless entry system for your car is that it takes away the chances of getting yourself locked out of your car. As the car opens when the key fob is near, and closes when the engine and doors are shut, you don't have to worry about locking your car keys inside of your car. This then takes away those frustrating moment of being locked out of your car from your keys in the vehicle.

Vulnerabilities of Keyless Entry Systems


Whilst keyless entry systems do not provide security in the way that they are harder keys to replicate than traditional car keys, keyless entry system cars are still susceptible to theft. The way that car thieves break into keyless cars is by a new method of stealing called a 'relay attack'.

A relay attack works by one thief using a hacking device and standing close to the vehicle, while another stands up to 50 feet way, but still within key fob range. After the signal is received from the car, the thief standing by the car will transmit it to the second thieves hacking tool. This then tricks the key fob into believing that the car is nearby, and therefore automatically unlocks the car.

Ignition Left On

As a keyless entry system involves keyless ignition, this can cause drivers to leave the ignition on as there is no key to manually turn the engine off. This then affects the lifespan of the vehicle and the fuel efficiency.

However, many modern cars are now equipped with an alarm that warns drivers that their ignition has been left on if they walk away with the fob while the engine is running.


Some modern cars do come equipped with keyless entry systems, but if you are considering having one installed to a car that uses traditional entry, then this can be quite expensive, typically costing around a few hundred pounds.


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