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  • Abbie Jones

5 Reasons You Need a Spare Car Key

person handing another person black spare car keys

If you are a vehicle owner then having a spare car key is extremely important, for more reasons than you would think! To get a spare car key for your car fast, then give Keytek® Auto Locksmiths a call and let our experts assist you in getting the spare car key that you need. We specialise in duplicating spare car keys for all major makes and models of cars, quickly and efficiently creating an identical copy.

Why Do I Need a Spare Car Key?

Here are Keytek’s® five reasons on why you should invest in getting a spare car key!

1. Getting Locked Out of Your Car

One of the most stressful situations a car owner can go through is getting locked out of their car by accidentally leaving the keys in the car and locking them in there. So having a spare car key takes away the stress and panic of this situation as you know that you can easily gain access to your car again.

2. Losing Your Car Keys

If you have accidentally misplaced your car keys and cannot find them, then having a spare car key gives you the peace of mind that you can still enter your car without any stress. If you are on the go a lot, then losing your car keys and not being able to keep track of where they are is expected, which is why it is always good to keep your spare car key in a place where you will always be able to find and access it.

3. Security

If your car key has unfortunately been stolen, then having a spare car key can help to keep your vehicle safe. If you are able to get to your car with your spare car key before the person who has stolen your keys, then you can drive it to a safe location before calling an auto locksmith to come and cut a new key and deleting the old car key’s data from the Engine Control Unit (ECU).

4. More Than One Driver

If your car is being driven by more than one person at a regular basis, then using just one car key can be a faff! It can increase the chances of losing a car key and can become complicated if the key has left the house with one driver but the car isn’t being used, meaning the other person has to wait to use the car.

5. Increasing The Value of Your Car

Not many people are aware of this but having a spare car key actually can help to increase the value of your car when you are selling it! This is because a car without all it’s original keys can lose value, so it is important to have a spare car key otherwise you will actually be losing out on an opportunity to get more money for your car.

Give Keytek® Auto Locksmiths a call to get a spare car key today!


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