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  • Abbie Jones

Preventing Garage Break-Ins: Securing Your Car at Home

black car parked in garage

Parking your car in your garage is the safest option to keep your car secure when it's unattended, so if you have access to park your car in one, then we completely recommend doing so.

Although parking your car in your garage is definitely safer than parking it on the street or on your driveway, there are still security measures that will need to be taken to make sure that your car is as secure as it can be. So, we here at Keytek® Auto Locksmiths have put together a list of ways that you can add extra layers of security to your garage, helping to prevent break-ins and keeping your car safe.

Garage Alarm Systems

Having a garage alarm system is a great way to help prevent garage break-ins and keep your card and any other valuable items safe. Although an alarm cannot physically stop a break-in, if anyone forces their way into your garage or someone enters who doesn't know a code, a loud alarm will sound to alert you that someone has entered. Even just installing a dummy security alarm may be enough to deter an opportunistic burglar from entering your garage.

Smart alarms are becoming increasingly popular for garage security. Entry sensors, glass breakage sensors, and motion sensors are common features of garage smart alarms, and any activity can be sent as a notification to the homeowners device, alerting them.

Smart alarm systems are highly recommended if your garage provides direct access to your home, as this is a key area that a burglar will look to exploit during a burglary.


Burglars normally try to commit their crimes at night when it is dark and they are less likely to be seen. Which is why installing motion-activated flood lights are a great way to help prevent garage break-ins and keep your car safe, as this will signal to you that someone with unauthorised access is trying to enter your garage.

Secure Your Garage Door

An important part of garage security and securing your car which is parked inside of it is making sure that the locks are secure.


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