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  • Abbie Jones

How to Keep Your Motorcycle Safe and Secure

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Motorcycles are unfortunately a relatively easy vehicle to steal. Unlike a car, a motorcycle can be stolen just by hotwiring the vehicle and wheeling it away, whereas a car thief will have a lot more time-consuming job trying to deal with locks, alarms, and windows. So, here is Keytek® Auto Locksmiths guide to motorcycle safety and security that will help to reduce the chance of motorcycle theft.

Motorcycle Theft Statistics UK

The Motorcycle Action Group have confirmed that motorcycles were 11 times more likely to be stolen than cars in 2021, meaning that motorcycles made up over 25% of all motor vehicle thefts in 2021. Across the country, there was an average of 20 in every 1000 motorcycles stolen in 2021, compared to 1.9 in every 1000 cars being stolen.

This means that there is a 3.3% chance that your motorcycle will be stolen this year in the UK. And in London specifically, each month over 1500 motorcycles are stolen.

How to Prevent Motorcycle Theft?

Motorcycle Lock

A disc lock is a reliable motorcycle security system that is incredibly hard to break. It immobilises the vehicle by locking the motorcycle wheel, ultimately making things harder for thieves. A locking pin passes through the hole in the brake disc and locks to the other side of the lock, blocking the vehicle from being moved in any direction. They are also a great visual deterrent as well as a physical deterrent, making your motorcycle 3 times less likely to be stolen.

Motorcycle Chain

A common way that a motorcycle thief will steal the vehicle is by breaking the steering lock. A way to prevent this is by using a chain lock through the back wheel of the motorcycle, that should be secured to an immovable object. Overall, motorcycle chains are pretty effective, reducing the risk of your bike being stolen.

Motorcycle Cover

Having a cover to hide the model of your motorcycle is actually an effective anti-theft technique. Most motorcycle thieves go after a particular model that they've had their eye on, so having a cover on your vehicle not only hides the model of the motorcycle, but thieves will know that removing the cover will become time-consuming, and are most likely to leave it alone. Although there is no 100% method to prevent all motorcycle theft, there is no harm in buying a protective cover for your motorcycle for a bit of peace of mind.

Motorcycle Alarm

Investing in a motorcycle alarm is a great way to add an extra layer of security to your vehicle. A properly fitted motorcycle alarm can definitely act as a good deterrent to thieves, as a loud alarm is going to make it harder for them to steal your vehicle. As well as most likely scaring any potential thieves off, it will also alert you and any neighbour that there could be a potential vehicle theft happening. Motorcycle alarms are also easy to install, meaning that there is no harm in investing in one for the safety of your vehicle.

The only issue with motorcycle alarms is that there can tend to be a lot of false alarms with them, where a passing car could set the alarm off, which can of course become annoying. However, dealing with this could be better than risking not having a motorcycle alarm just in case.

Hide The Keys

Making sure that your motorcycle keys aren't near your vehicle when your vehicle is not in use is extremely important. Motorcyclists should always use the steering lock and remove the ignition keys when the vehicle is not in use. All it takes is for a thief to see that the keys are in the ignition and the motorcycle is unattended for them to start it up and drive off with it.

Mark Your Vehicle

Marking your motorcycle is beneficial for a few uses. Having marks on your vehicle will make it more difficult for criminals to sell parts of your bike, which safety wise can help to secure your motorcycle, as your vehicle becomes unattractive to them. Marks on your motorcycle also will help the police to identify the marked parts should anything be recovered.

Security Camera

If your park your motorcycle in your garage or shed, then it is definitely worth investing in a security camera to be placed at the entrance of the garage or shed. Having a security camera is a visual deterrent, which will put most vehicle thieves off anyway as they know that they are going to be filmed.

Where to Park Your Motorcycle

The best place to park your motorcycle when you are at home is your garage or shed, but these needs to have a level of security to them to make sure that they are effective. You can add security to your garage or shed by adding alarms, security lighting, and a motion sensor.

If you don't have a shed or a garage to park your motorcycle in, then the best and safest option would be to park in a well-lit area, where you can lock your bike to something stationary.


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