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  • Abbie Jones

How to Secure a Keyless Entry Car

Hand holding car key fob

What is Keyless Entry?

A car with a keyless entry system is where the doors can be unlocked without needing to use a car key, as the car automatically senses when the key fob is nearby so it unlocks the car door. The car will also lock itself when the engine has been turned off and the car doors have been closed after you have left the vehicle.

However, cars with a keyless entry system are at risk of being victims to relay theft. Relay theft is where two people will be working together; one standing by the vehicle that they are planning to steal, and the other standing near the house belonging to that vehicle. The attacker standing by the car will use a trick device to fool the vehicle into thinking that it is the key fob that is needed for that car, and that's when the other attacker standing by the house tries to get the signal from the key fob that is inside the house. Once a signal is received from the original key fob to the trick device, attackers can then lock and unlock the car and drive away with it, without it physically needing the actual key fob belonging to the vehicle.

Securing a Keyless Entry Car

Here are ways to protect your keyless entry car against relay theft.

Faraday Pouches

A faraday pouch acts as a signal blocker, designed to shield electronic devices from transmitting or receiving signals. These bags are made out of a material that can block electromagnetic fields, effectively isolating devices from the outside world. By placing your key fob inside a faraday pouch, the electromagnetic signals they emit are blocked, rendering them invisible to potential thieves.

Turn off Key Fob's Wireless Signal

Wireless signals can be switched off on some keyless fobs. You can either look in your car's manual to see if your key fob has the ability to turn off the wireless signal, or you can contact your vehicle's manufacturer to find out how to do this.

Use Your VIN Number

If you engrave your vehicle identification number (VIN) onto the windows, headlights and mirrors of your car, then any thieves who try to alter your vehicle's identity will struggle, and will put thieves off of stealing your car.


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