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  • Abbie Jones

Common Car Key Problems and Solutions Every Driver Should Know

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Having car key problems or breaking your car keys are quite common experiences for car owners. After a period of time, car keys can become fragile because of how frequently they're used, meaning that the wear and tear of using a car key a lot can eventually lead to the key breaking or not working properly. So, our team at Keytek® Auto Locksmiths, have devised a list of common car key problems and solutions that every driver should know, just to make life a little easier!

Car Key Problems and Solutions

A lot of us have been there where our car keys aren't unlocking or starting the car, or potentially the key has got stuck in the lock and won't come out. If a situation like this has happened to you before and you wish to avoid getting locked out of your car again, or you're just being precautious so that this doesn't happen to you, then Keytek® Auto Locksmiths are here to help with our list of car key problems and solutions to fix them and prevent this from happening!

Damaged Car Key


If your car key is failing to lock/unlock or start your car, then there is a strong chance that the key is damaged. Even if your car key doesn't appear to be physically broken, if the grooves in the key have been worn down then the car key will no longer match the internal mechanisms of the lock or the ignition, causing you to be locked out of your vehicle.


If your car key is damaged and is physically preventing you from using your car, such as the vehicle won't unlock or the engine won't start, then you will either have to get a replacement car key, and for those with a transponder key, this will have to be programmed to your vehicle.

Dead Batteries


A very common reason for your car key not working is that the batteries are simply dead, which is expected for all car keys after a certain amount of time.


This one's easy, all you need to do is replace the dead batteries with some new ones and your keys should be back to normal! You can replace the batteries by yourself, but doing this poses the risk of serious damaged to your car key, so the best option would be to get an Auto Locksmith to replace it, as they specialise in car key battery replacements.

The Key Needs to be Programmed


If you have changed your batteries for your car key and your key still isn't working, there is a chance that your car key hasn't been programmed. A car key needs to be programmed to be able to work with the cars security system, but if you have replaced your car key remote, there is a chance that you have forgotten that the transponder key and key fob need to be programmed to work with your car.


The most affordable way to get your car key programmed is by hiring a professional Auto Locksmith, who will be able to get your car key programmed immediately. At Keytek® Auto Locksmiths, we offer car key programming services, being able to program any remote key fob.

Damaged Key Fob


The key fob relies on communication between a transmitter and a receiver, meaning that if one of these is damaged, the car key won't work, stopping you from using your car. Damages to a key fob can happen naturally over time from use, or it could happen if you have dropped your keys multiple times, or if the key gets wet.


The best option to get your damaged key fob fixed is by calling an Auto Locksmith or a car dealership, where they can repair the key fob. Or, if the key fob can't be repaired, they will be able to replace it.

These are the most common car key issues that drivers will probably have to deal with at least once, so it's good to know what the cause of your car key not working is, and what the solution to fixing it is.

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