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  • Abbie Jones

What Is a Steering Lock?

man with his hand on his steering wheel

A steering wheel lock is designed to protect your vehicle. It's an effective anti-theft device for your car, acting as a physical and visual deterrent that provides security to your car and lowers the chances of your car getting stolen.

What Does a Steering Lock Do?

A steering wheel lock is a metal rod that is connected to the steering wheel to prevent it from turning. The lock can only be unlocked with a unique key, so anyone without this key will not be able to drive it.

The steering wheel lock works by locking the steering wheel into place with the metal rod, meaning that is impossible to bend the steering wheel without removing the rod.

Are Steering Locks Effective?

No anti-theft device can be 100% effective. However, steering wheel locks stand a great chance of keeping your vehicle safe from car theft. Physically, it is a great barrier to prevent any car thieves driving off with your car if they have managed to gain access to it. A thief could be able to turn the car on, but they physically won't be able to drive the car, meaning that their attempt at stealing the vehicle is less likely to be successful!

It also acts as a good visual deterrent, because if a car thief is planning on making your vehicle their next victim but they see that your steering wheel has a steering lock on it, they know that it will be extremely challenging and a long process for them to try and drive away with your car. As car thieves like to be quick and are usually opportunistic, this will put them off and more than likely they will leave your car alone.

A steering wheel lock is a great anti-theft device that we would greatly encourage you to invest in, as it is more likely that having one can do better for you than not having one to protect your vehicle's security.

Best Steering Wheel Locks

Here are Keytek® Auto Locksmiths favourite steering wheel locks!

1. Stoplock Pro Elite

Whilst this steering lock is quite expensive at the price of £52.93 at Amazon, it is definitely worth it in terms of providing car security and safety. It fits almost all steering wheels, and is bright yellow to act as a visual deterrent to let car thieves know that they won't be able to just get into your car and drive away without a fight! It contains an anti-drill lock, and comes with a 10-year warranty.

2. Goodyear Elite Steering Wheel Lock

This steering wheel lock has a sturdy brass alloy barrel which makes it highly adjustable to fit any steering wheel, and it also comes with a RFID pouch for your key fob which will block any relay signals from car thieves planning on performing relay theft on your car. To read more about faraday pouches and relay theft, read our blog! The only downside with this steering wheel lock is that it isn't visible so doesn't act as a great visual deterrent, but it's physical barrier certainly makes up for that.

3. Streetwise Twin Bar Steering Wheel Lock

This steering wheel lock is only £12.99 at Amazon! It is also the most visible steering lock on the market, making it a perfect visual deterrent. It will fit almost all steering wheels, and has a soft coating on the hooks, meaning it won't scratch the wheel.

If you are concerned about the safety of your car and want to do as much as you can to prevent it from getting stolen, then a steering wheel lock is perfect for this. Whilst no anti-theft device is 100% certain to prevent burglary, the steering wheel lock is definitely a strong contender in this category. Acting as a physical and visual deterrent, it is more than likely to send any car thieves in the other direction when they see it!


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