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  • Kim Freeman

Car Security Myths Debunked: What Actually Works?

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Every car owner has at one time or another, worried about their car being stolen or broken into. With a car being stolen every 147 seconds in the UK, it's not unlikely that it could happen. There are things you can do that will make your car less of a target, but there are also some old myths still floating around that simply don't work. In this Keytek® Auto Locksmiths blog we will go through the myths and debunk them and let you know techniques that actually work in helping to keep your car safe.

Car Security Myths

"Your car is safer parked in a driveway, at home"

Incorrect, according to the AA, 34% of car thefts are from private driveways. While around 10% are stolen from public car parks and 17% from on street parking, the safest place to keep your car is your garage.

"Put a sign on your car or van saying 'no valuables are left inside overnight'"

There isn't any evidence to suggest that this will stop someone from breaking into your vehicle. A seasoned car thief isn't likely to pay any attention to a sign like this, this is especially true if they are looking to steal your vehicle.

"Car thieves only steal posh cars"

Most people do believe this, however, it's not actually the case. This is because high-end cars tend to have high-end security systems, and are therefore harder to steal. An older or less expensive car will likely have a less advanced security system, so can be a more attractive target.

"Car thieves are organised and plan their thefts"

While some car thieves are organised and steal cars to order, this only makes up around 25% of all car thefts. The majority of car thefts are opportunistic and targeted at vulnerable vehicles that are seen as easy targets. Cars that have extra security measures, such as kill switches or a steering wheel lock, can deter a thief and persuade them to move on.

Car Security Facts

"Don't display your valuables"

This is 100% accurate. If you leave your valuables on show, then you are way more likely to have your car broken into. You might be surprised to know that even loose change on display is enough to tempt a thief.

"Take out your stereo and sat nav"

If you have a car with a removeable stereo system then it's essential you remove it after every journey, and this is the same with a removable sat nav, as both these things can be very tempting to a thief. Removing them gives a car thief one less reason to break into your car.

"Adding a visual deterrent helps"

Yes, this is true, a lock for the steering wheel, pedals or gear sticks are great visual deterrents. The aim is to make a potential car thief move on from your car. Seeing locks like these, tell a burglar that it's going to be hard to steal your car, as most are opportunistic and want the stealing process to be as quick as possible.

"Use a faraday pouch"

This is a relatively recent car security tip, that we definitely recommend. With central locking being in 99% of new cars, car thieves have found a new way to steal cars. They use a technique called a 'relay attack', which involves receiving the signal that the key produces, from outside your house, transferring it to a second box, this tricks the car into believing the key is present and it will unlock. A simple way to prevent this is placing your key inside something that is metal lined, such as a faraday pouch.


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