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How To Increase the Value of Your Car

hand shaking over documents with a car keychain on top

Increasing the Value of Your Car

Whilst there are the standard ways such as keeping your car clean, having a full service history, and having a recent MOT, one of the best ways to help increase the value of your car is to have more than 1 set of keys!

We Buy Any Car confirms that most buyers won’t even look at a car that doesn’t have at least 1 working set of keys but having 2 or more is highly desirable with customers and not only can help increase the value of your motor but also get it sold faster!

How Does Having a Spare Car Key Help to Increase the Value of Your Car?

As We Buy Any Car confirms having a spare car key, is more desirable to buys which means that you can charge a slightly higher price for your motor and hopefully get it sold faster!

Having a spare car key is important in itself anyway as it will help to prevent any accidental lockouts and save you from a lot of stress! It’s also good to have a spare car key in case your original key gets damaged or breaks, so if you need a spare car key, book for a Keytek® Auto Locksmith to come and sort you out with a new cut key!

As well as the practical reasons of having a spare car key, did you know that having another set of car keys can help with your insurance? This is because a car without all it’s original keys can lose value, as the vehicle dealership will more than likely always give you two sets of keys, so it is important to provide everything that the car came with when selling a car. So, it’s always good to remember that when selling a car, one that only has a single key will be worth less than a car with all its original keys, meaning you will actually be losing out on an opportunity to get more money for your car.

Other Ways to Help Increase the Value of Your Car

  • · Keep The Car Clean

  • · Fix Any Issues with The Car

  • · Paperwork

  • · Car Mileage

  • · Valid MOT

  • · Changing The Tyres

Getting a Spare Car Key With Keytek® Auto Locksmiths

Get a spare car key with Keytek® Auto Locksmiths quickly and stress free! Our Auto Locksmith can help create a spare key for a range of different make and models of cars and will even price match any of our competitors quotes!*.


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