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  • Jessica Davies

Can I get a Universal Key for my Car?

hand outside of car holding black set of keys

If you have lost your car key, they’ve been damaged or perhaps they’ve even been stolen, when you have an issue with your car keys it can be a stressful situation! Not will you need to think about getting a car key replacement but it can also affect the usability and security of your car.

It’s no secret that replacement car keys can be expensive, especially if you buy a branded car key from your dealer. Fortunately, buying a branded car key is not your only option. We offer universal car keys at Keytek® which are affordable, quick to code and cut and most importantly, secure.

What is a Universal Car Key?

A universal car key is made so that multiple car brands and models can use these keys to operate their cars, much like a universal TV remote. Our specialist Auto Locksmith will be able to cut and programme you a new universal car key so that it operates exactly like your previous key (if not better).

Why Choose a Universal Car Key?

Firstly, universal car keys are usually much cheaper than their branded counterparts when replacing a car key fob. Secondly, they are more easily accessible, our Auto Locksmith can come to you to cut you a new key or you can visit us at a pre-booked time, often on the same day as your call.

Why Choose a Local Auto Locksmith?

1. Cost Efficient

Choosing an Auto Locksmith is most likely cheaper than going to your dealership as we can provide universal car keys, alongside lookalike and manufacturer keys.

2. Repairs

Our specialised Auto Locksmith can repair rather than replace in some cases, to save you money.

3. Time efficient

In an emergency, such as being locked out of your car we will try and get to you in under an hour where possible. Most non-emergency cases are sorted on the same day also.

4. Service:

As experts, our Auto Locksmith can help you with a wide range of issues you may be having. All provided with a friendly face to go along with it.

5. Price Match Guarantee:

At Keytek® Auto, we offer a price match on any valid proof of quote, so you know you’re getting the best price!


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